Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Slots

Betsoft is famous for making outstanding video slots, which are characterized by animations in three dimensions (3D), snappy functioning, intelligent features, and a superb overall appearance. The developer is at the pinnacle of its abilities with Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and really demonstrates what it is capable of with this game. Because of this, we are confident that players in Canada will enjoy this game very much.

Concept and Execution

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a classic novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886, served as the idea for the creation of this online slots game. The mild-mannered Dr. Jekyll takes a potion that transforms him into the immensely violent Mr. Hyde in the novel.


The reels take place in Dr. Jekyll’s gothic-inspired laboratory, which features a wooden casing with intricate carvings. The game is made much more interesting by the fact that the good doctor actually moves around the screen testing various remedies while you play. The high-definition images are likely to leave an impression on you, and they are utilized in every sign in the game.


A police officer, a key inserted into a lock, the house where Dr. Jekyll lived, a book, a newspaper, and the characters themselves are some of the icons. The background music is appropriately enigmatic and captivating, while the sound effects from the land-based slot machines offer a greater sense of authenticity to the entire experience.


Fundamentals of the Game

Here, you have the ability to activate as many as 30 paylines, which are distributed across 5 reels and 3 rows. Everyone will be able to participate in the game because the betting range is from 0.2 Canadian dollars to 100 Canadian dollars every spin. The base game offers a top prize that is equal to 1200 times your total investment, and the Return to Player Percentage is calculated to be 96.5 percent.


This one, like the vast majority of the other online slot machines that we test and recommend to you, comes equipped with an easy-to-use autoplay feature. Because of this, even if you are extremely busy, you can still keep the reels turning automatically, which increases the likelihood that you will win.


Special Features

Your time spent playing Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde will be even more fruitful as a result of the excellent extra features that Betsoft has included in the game. To begin, the company’s name serves as the Wild Symbol. This will act as a substitute for the Jekyll and Hyde symbols that appear on the reels, making it possible to complete more winning combinations.


In addition to this, the screen will be populated with vials of both red and blue potions that serve as Bonus Symbols. A meter at the bottom of the screen keeps track of the number of red vials that you get on reels two through four. The Free Spins Round will begin whenever you get 100 total points in the game.


During this more in-depth round, you will first view a clip depicting Dr. Jekyll’s transformation into Mr. Hyde, and then you will go to a fresh set of slot machine reels. You will continue to receive additional spins until you have successfully landed 12 blue vials. After ingesting the elixir, the obnoxious Hyde will revert to his former self, the kind-hearted doctor.


When the red vials appear on reels 2 and 4, while Dr. Jekyll is in the middle position, all of the Jekylls, Hydes, and Wilds that are visible transform into Wild Hydes. The symbols rearrange themselves, and the payouts are determined by the new patterns based on how they appear. If you manage to land Mr. Hyde and two blue potions in the same formation, you will receive a random multiplier that can go as high as 20 times your total stake.


In addition to everything mentioned above, the Frenzy Bonus is triggered when Mr. Hyde appears on Reels 2 and 4 on each side of the Wild Symbol. When the same event takes place with Dr. Jekyll, the beginning of the Potions Bonus will take place. In order to complete the Frenzy Bonus, you will need to lead the monster through London while simultaneously stealing stuff and evading the cops. You will be eligible for prizes for everything that you gather, and the game will continue until you are confronted by a law enforcement official.


In the Potions Round, your objective is to build an anti-monster serum as rapidly as possible by selecting vials as quickly as feasible. The quicker you complete it, the greater the reward you will receive. This is easily one of the most engaging slot games that can be played online in Canada because of the great degree of involvement that is achieved. Try it out for yourself at Casino Room and experience for yourself just how much fun it is to spin the reels.

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